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Goryeo Celadon

Decline of Goryeo celadon

The Mongol invasion of 1231 was a devastating blow to Goryeo. Its glorious celadon culture fell into immediate decline. It was much more difficult to obtain good quality clay and glaze, so the quality of celadon deteriorated. Glazes were nearly black, far from the subtle jade-green; inlays became coarser; and stamped decorations appeared. The shapes of vessels, too, showed characteristics indicative of decline. The feet became dull, and the forms became less symmetrical. Bowls with outward flaring rims became common. Inlaid pictorial designs were replaced by designs to be created by simply pressing or stamping patterns. Although mass production was made possible, the unique beauty of Goryeo celadon disappeared. Stamped patterned designs were widely applied to celadon in the end of Goryeo period, and such designs later became common on buncheong.